I Guess Non-binary Means Body Hair And Dresses At The Same Time

Shhh don’t tell them about summer camp or

80’s slasher flicks–

I think it’s weird as fuck when people are like

“I’m non-binary because I love body hair and dresses

At the same time”

Have you ever watched old german movies?

Or 70’s porn?

Have you ever seen your own

Armpit hair, full-grown,

Before you decided to transition?

Have you ever let your leg hair grow

Or defied gender before

You decided to have surgery?

Is it our fault

As trans people, as queer people

That the greater cisnormative heteronormative society

Has their own idea of gender,

Is it our responsibility

To play with these scraps, or

Perhaps it’s more fun

To make something from scratch…?

I just don’t get it

I’m non-binary because of precisely how little

Looks have to do with it.

It’s literally a belief, not an image

I’d share it but it would defeat the point


Ya’ll be out there taking selfies

Like that somehow expresses something

Other than a fashion statement.

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