I Hate Instagram

I’ve been told that I would have more success

On Instagram.

My friend, she says–

“Some of your poems

Would fit in the size of an

Instagram post perfectly–

You should be more active

On Instagram”


I fucking hate the place.

It’s garbage.

It’s like,

All of the worst features of

All of the other social media sites

But only those features

It’s fucking idiotic.

I understand that yes–

I probably need

To do it. I probably need

To just get over myself

And publish and push

To instagram–


Each time I try

The connection from

WordPress to Insta breaks after literally like

Two fucking days–

And then I have to go and log in

And fucking

See instagram again–

Honestly I swear to god–

I have money now…!

I would legit consider

Paying someone

Just to run my fucking Insta for me

Problem is–

The sort of person

Who would be good at that

I also wouldn’t want to fucking talk to–

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