I Honestly Can’t Believe It’s Me

Who is this

If anybody has any leads


Lmao Jk it me

But seriously I had surgery

11/11, I’m not even two months out.

Further proof that

Loving myself

Is the strongest medicine

I’ve ever found.

*not pictured

The love of my life–

My big hairy belly.

I broke my only rule

Mostly because

If you had shown me this photo

A year ago—

And told me

“This is you—

From the future”

I never ever would’ve believed you.

I definitely, definitely wouldn’t have believed

I would have this procedure covered by insurance

With a surgeon who operates on people

With 50+ BMI’s and has extensive experience.

I just wouldn’t have believed it.

None of it.

Thank you, Dr. Haruka Okada

Owner of Stratus Plastic Surgery, in Columbus OH

For changing my life.

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