I Just Don’t Think Your Inherited Liberalness Is That Impressive

I just don’t think

It’s very impressive

To be liberal

And have liberal parents.


Sorry bud!

When someone tells me

They’re liberal, and then I ask

If their parents are liberal, or if they come

From a liberal family,

And they say “Yes!”

I basically just

Cross them off my list

Of people I can relate to.

Not because I think conservatives are

Somehow better lmfao oh my god

Look at the evidence, folks

But rather because

When somebody tells me

That they have the same belief set as their parents

I’m immediately like

“Well fuck, okay then! We have nothing in common.”

It doesn’t even matter if I believe

All the same things as them, and even like the same bands–

I’m just like

Wow so

All of the pain and

All of the self-relfection and

All of the growth, realization, and

Discomfort I felt around them

Is something I will just have to

Sit on until we’re done talking–

Kind of the exact same way

I felt around them.

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