I know I’m like 5 Years Late to this but…

Cancelling a caricature ?


Honestly like,

I know I’m about

5-6 years late to this discussion lmfao

But —

Cancelling a caricature, cancelling a parody

I understand but I’m also

Sad, that something

I so greatly enjoyed as a teen

Has been deemed unsightly because

Some people are fucking asshole creeps


So many things are

So much worse than this–

Like, I dunno, this–!

Lmfao it is clearly

Clearly a parody

I just

When is cancel culture

Progressive and when is it


Are we only allowed to make art

That promotes social justice…?

What about exposing

Ugly truths, what about driving

Commentary, discourse, what about

Having an unedited message

Is so abhorrent and unpalatable to people nowadays…?

Why does everything have to leave you

Feeling comfortable and tucked-in?

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