I Need A Virgo

I don’t wanna be like that one person you know but

I just need a Virgo.

Word on the street is cancer and Virgo are basically

Heaven sent. I think that’s what I need

I just need some courage and some balls and a penis and maybe a

Taurus just for sex but I guess

Libra and Cancer are famous for that, so perhaps

I’ve had enough already.

I need someone who respects my drive and doesn’t get insecure and hide

I want somebody who encourages me and

Shows me off. I want somebody to love, someone to build with

Someone who’s stability is endless.

Honestly just Jesus like

The accuracy is spooky.

My ex was a libra and she was so jealous and insecure and

I get defensive and it just

Imploded. Average at best.

I want the best tier of compatibility next.

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