I Secretly Hate Alok Vaid-Menon

I don’t know them at all

It breaks

100% of my rules to hate them

But I just fucking do!

They actually inspired me

To start doing all of this

Because –like me

They insist on themselves.

To me, they do this–

“I’m non-binary and I’m gonna

Go out into the world into a dress

And make everybody change their ideas of gender

Because of myself”

So I thought to myself

“I can do that, too!”

Just my way

No pictures

All poems

All real-talk

No tours, no photoshoots

No press packets or media


Just me actually being nonbinary

And talking about it

Honestly, openly

And without any desire

To sensationalize it further

Because to me

It’s all already–

Extremely sensational.

Being born female

And transitioning to male

Is sensation enough, don’t you think?

Do I really need to make my gender

All about me?

Would a Becky photoshoot

Really help with anything?

Would that make my followers happy?

Or would it make myself happy, my own ego

My own little website that generates flattery

Wouldn’t that be a dream, alas

I don’t think that helps anyone

Well, at least–anyone but me

I don’t view gender as a narcissistic celebration of self–

I view it as a celebration of what I admire in others

I would sooner take a photo

Of every manboob I ever see

And make a montage of mantit-gallery

Than make a gallery of me

For the world to critique

I would rather crowdsource

Information than money, and I would rather

Be my authentic self, which is

Not much of spectacle, honestly.

Nothing about being trans, to me–

Is attention seeking. You get enough attention

Just from being.

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