I Started A Love React Chain

It seems to be that the love react gender rule

Only applies to the first few lmfao

I love reacted on a post

That over a hundred men in a BBQ smoking group


And then commented

“I love this”

If you like it

Enough to comment

That you love it—

Just fucking love it.

So I did.

Then I got insecure and changed back

To a like, a few minutes later.

See my masculinity is thread-bare

So I had second thoughts being the first one

Little did I know

I came back later

And saw 12 other men had love reacted

To the same photo, presumably

After seeing my one heart down there

In the data.

I had to eat my last poem faster than

I wrote it, but

It’s cool that you can start a love chain

Amongst men— proof that

They all want to to begin with.

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