I Tried Reading “The Fire Never Goes Out”

But it’s so, so different from me, my life and my experiences.

It’s not like it’s gotta be the same

It’s just gotta be in a vein

I just couldn’t help but get overwhelmed

At the difference between

A thin queer perspective

And a fat one, like mine.

Where is all the trauma

I thought, why are people so nice

Why does she have friends who don’t

Bring her down

Maybe she did

Maybe she left that part out.

Or maybe he is more confident than I ever will be

Maybe they don’t give a shit and they shouldn’t have to— it’s their story

Seriously though I wondered

Why is it

That nobody tried to kill Nimonas dream

The way mine get slaughtered

By everyone and anyone jealous of me

Also why isn’t there more

Crippling self doubt

Mixed with anger and contempt

For themselves and everyone in it…?

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