I wanna talk

In the beginning there was always

Someone to talk to

It was so fun

There was sinner

There was bharath

There was Gore there was

That one lady who

Read my fat poems and

Unfollowed me after

Confirming they were in fact

About my fat experience

There was that other lady

Who unfollowed because I

Decided sapiosexual was a

Misunderstood concept but still

Altogether useless and irrelevant

Why don’t people just

Wanna shoot the shit?!?

I came here to talk, damnit

I am mad about it

I want to shoot shit but I

Don’t believe in guns or violence

I want to fucking

Yack my gums at someone

And have them understand

But fucking nobody does

So I took to the internet

To broadcast my pain

And I’m starting to worry

That I am literally

The only one

Who is this angry

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