“I Went To Therapy About It— So It’s Not Me”


Imagine being this privileged

I’ve been to nutritionists all my life

I don’t get points — Nobody gives me credit

For the weight I haven’t gained, only berates me

For what I’m unable to lose—

Why does your therapy session

Make whatever subject you were struggling with

Somehow magically not apart of your life

Or the way you view the world

And your place in it?

I’ve been to therapy for depression—

Am I magically cured of that forever now

Because some lady told me to

Tap my wrists ?


You can buy a home gym

Or all the therapy in the world

You can own every dildo on earth

But none of that is gonna make you

A different person.

The only thing you can do

Is start being open and honest

About your perspective.

For some reason— because this offends some people occasionally—

Social interactions have been banned from all

Authentic mistakes or any sort of IRL typo

At what point will people acknowledge

That all of this woke policing

Is making all conversations inauthentic

Putting all parties on eggshells.

Especially me, some socially damaged

Anxious awkward asshole

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