I Wish Buck Angel Would Stop Trying To Make A Career Out Of Transitioning

Forreal man

T shirts ?!



Frappa-whack a-paw-paw

I wish I could say anything

To this idiot

That he would be able to understand but he

Shut down all avenues of learning and growing

When he decided that his career

Was “being himself”


Oddly enough

Prevents any improvements, if you play that card right.

It’s almost like the people that shout the loudest

About how proud they are

Have the most shame and baggage in their basements.

Or at least

This guy has a whole lot of unsold t shirts and hats

That’s for damn sure.

Anyway— this made me laugh today

Guy who constantly shouts about how his

Sex can’t change

Is now selling a t shirt

That just says

“Sex change”

In the worst color combination possible

Use code “NO GED” to get a discount 🤣

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