If I Were To Get Married…

I don’t know why

Or how

Or when but

I know

That all these lesbian wedding videos

These super mega weddings

With the super mega flashy

Bam bam gay gay lez lez

Double white dress on the beach with

Extra wedding on top of the wedding

With the proposals and the other backup wedding

I just

That shit made me so anxious

I just had to be trans lmfao

I dunno man like

There’s being a lesbian

Because you’re a woman who loves other women

And then there’s loving women

Because pussy, tits, skin

And being so lost you can’t even bring yourself

To wear a dress in your head

Let alone wear a dress at your own fucking wedding.

What kind of message would I be sending ?!?!?

I guess

The closer I got

To actually having to have a fucking wedding

The more I realized

I didn’t want to have a gay wedding

I don’t even want to have a gay relationship

If I were to get married

I’d have to change a lot before then.

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