“If It Wasn’t 100% It Wasn’t Enough”


This is the takeaway from all of these detransitioner interviews

“If It wasn’t 100%

For me, at least–

It wasn’t enough. “

“I felt like an imposter”

“I knew I could never impregnate/get pregnant”

I understand these feels

I get this vibe, it

Completely makes sense. I have the same fears

And the same regrets.

I just think that perhaps

Acknowledging that any of the paths

I want to walk down

Lead to the same place.

I don’t think it’s fair, or

The least bit sane, to force people

To have their minds made up

About their whole lives

At any time, honestly. I think it’s fucking weird

And hypocritical

To say you’re allowed to change your sex

But that you aren’t allowed to change your mind

I just also wish people would educate others

About transgender issues

Besides it being about your mind, feelings, or

History of abuse. It doesn’t have anything to do with that.

I also think it’s weird

To try and prevent others from chasing a dream

You gave up on.

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