If You Don’t Post Your Hike On Social Media– Did You Even Go…?

Why am I suddenly talking about hiking?


It’s the season…! Also

I see loads of people

My age and younger

Dying in stupid as fuck ways–

Hiking alone!?

Hiking seriously dangerous stretches

With advanced mountaineering skills

Alone, without much equipment.

People are like

“why are all these people out here in droves–

why does everest have a wait-list–

why is half dome being ruined–“

Because the fucking

Social media

Has become more important, more urgent

More desirable

Than any reality could ever give anyone–

They’re all just competing

For who is the fittest–

Who is the fastest–

Who loves hiking THE MOST

Who runs trails THE MOST

Who is the most hardcore,

Who is the most outdoorsy of the outdoors–

Make sure you take a picture

And make a post–

If you don’t post about your hike

On social media–

Did you even go…?

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