Ill Will

I wish I didn’t but I am just livid.

I think about her and I hope she is

Miserable. I hope every relationship she has

For the rest of her life

Makes her feel the way she made me feel.

I hope her new guy body shames her, I hope he

Sex shames her, I hope he

Mocks her. I hope he belittles her. I hope he

Makes her feel disgusting in her own skin.

I hope he makes her feel less than.

I hope he lies to her and talks shit about her to his friends.

I hope he abuses her and says

I’m sorry, I just can’t help it

I hope she never gets a minute of peace and

If she never dates or married ever again

I hope her anxiety does it all independently, but

Most of all—

I hope she reads this,

Yes, I’m petty.

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