I’m About To…

I’m about to have too surgery and

1. I was expecting it to be cancelled

2. I was expecting my new job to deny my unpaid leave request

3. I was expecting a health problem to get in the way like it always does.

I’m about to have surgery and

None of those things have happened.

I went on a walk this evening and

A guy pointed at me

And said to his date

“I can’t tell if that’s a man”

His date laughed

And I reminded myself

I’m about to have top surgery

And it’s illegal

To throw people off of bridges

Resulting in their deaths

In response to a comment made

As a light gesture

To a date, who laughed

I’m glad they had a nice time and

I’m about to have top surgery,

Maybe when I’m healed

I’ll have a nice time as well

But until then

“Murder is illegal”

I have to keep telling myself

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