I’m Mourning It All/More Careful

I don’t miss her at all I am

Mourning them both.

I’m mourning it all.

These people

They don’t understand

There’s my potential

And then there’s what I’ve lived.

I am basically a prophet

And yet I’m letting y’all

Talk over me

Like I’m some idiot without

His own voice, or something.

I’m mourning that. I’m mourning

Bad decisions, I’m having regrets.

I’m feeling as if I’m nauseous

I’m mourning the loss of myself in all of this

I’ve found him and her and all of them

We are all happy now

A big house, each hat hung up

I have colors for each room

I improved everything the same way

I did there, the same way I do everywhere.

I am magic I am healing I am

Capable of more than I thought possible.

I am more than enough for someone special —

So I need to be more careful.

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