I’m Not Cis! But–I’m New To This.

I’m not.

I used to be, I used to live

As she, dress as him

Socially I lived as female for many years

But used she pronouns and dressed as male

I lived as female because those were my documents

And that’s how I was treated.

Now I live as a man and things are different.

I’m not cis, and I wish

You all would stop expecting this of me

I hate you all walking on egg shells

I wish I could be respected for what I am

And not what you’re afraid of

I am not on a quest to be in the middle

I am on a quest to get home, and I feel closer now

I wish that was all anybody cared about.

I hate pretending to be born male, and I hate

Defending my needs, my health, my differences

I wish I could just be myself

And stop insisting that I was always him

And that I’m an expert somehow–

I’m as new to this as anyone else.

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