I’m Not Supposed To Bring It Up

Been having sex with this guy he is

Incredibly special. I am very into him

If he wanted to move in tomorrow I would

Call off work and help him but

He has a boyfriend

That he loves very faithfully.

His boyfriend doesn’t want to have sex with him

His boyfriends sex drive is low

Which is incompatible with his new phallo penis.

I’m sometimes like

“Tell me about your boyfriend”

And he’s like

Stop asking about him, he’s great—

I love him I want to marry him but

He doesn’t want to get married.

Before he had his surgeries

His boyfriend only ever wanted front hole sex

Which he didn’t like at all

And now that he’s had his vaginectomy and his phalloplasty

He doesn’t want to have sex with him.

And I’m like

How is this guy

Not selfish…?

He won’t let you leave and

He won’t give you anything to stay for

He won’t accommodate your comfort

He won’t even suck your dick on demand like

Why would I like your boyfriend, again…?

No wonder I’m not supposed to bring it up

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