I’m Over It.

The thing about these Southern Baptists

Is that they think it’s god’s will

To live according to the truths in the bible,

Which is why they all eat shellfish and

Build tall fences, I’m pretty sure that’s in

1 Hypocrites 2: 7-11

“Thou shalt be full of… nonstop shit”

The thing that really blows my mind

Is the amount of lying you can get away with

At a pulpit.

The amount of hate speech you can disguise as


The amount of bigotry you can squeeze into your pitch

Before anyone realizes you’re selling them on

The differences between

A good and a bad people

The black and white nature of the bible is not lost on me, and yet

In it’s actual form, the bible is nothing but interpreted. Shared.

A living testimony to thousands of years of trying to be

A better community, that for thousands of years

People have taken with liberty and interpreted it into

Reasons we are better than the rest of them,

Reasons we need to save them from themselves.

The thing about a religion that convinces the believer

That they are unable to know what is right

And what is wrong

Without guidance, and that

Everyone else must be the same until they are

A member of your church. Well, by golly

I gotta call bullshit, because

All ya’ll do is talk about how selfish it is

To be yourself, when in fact

All they ever do is martyr around

The sacrifices they’ve made to their lord, the that requires

Nothing but hard work and selflessness

For the sake of others. It’s like

Their god

Is the most selfish, insecure motherfucker

The most bad boyfriend, turned into the worse husband

The kind that sooner disowns their own son for playing with dolls

Than admits when they themselves have a problem.

I wish all the things I write about weren’t based on

Personal events and testimony because goddamn

Reflecting on this shit is exhausting. Why is it that I know

So many self-described Christians

Who have nothing to show for it.

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