I’m Setting Up A Patreon And I Need To Ask Some Questions

Hello all

I am not a web developer

I am not even really a writer

I’m just a weird ass pervy bass player

Tryna do something with their life.


I have buttons.

I have stickers.

I also have

Bass tracks?

Any takers?

I’m trying to set up the patreon

With access tiers

A lot of podcasts

Have different versions

One for free listeners

And one for subscribers

I could do that–but–

I’d rather have free access to everyone

No matter what for forever, and then

Try and make the podcast sustainable

Through other means–

Such as…

Buttons and Stickers!

My question is–

Would you be interested in

Bass tracks on their own

Without my babbling?

Particularly the music series episodes

Which are like

Extremely enjoyable to clean to

And drive to

And edit honestly

I fucking love the bass tracks

They are the thing I enjoy doing the most, and it’s also

The most time consuming and energy consuming part of the cast

What you might not already know is–

I make an original bass track

To every single episode, custom reacting to the material

So like, each episode’s bass track

Is kinda special and very tailored

I like them a lot

I feel it’s something I can do that is cool, so I do it.

If I posted

The bass tracks

On their own

People would

Steal them for their own podcasts–

I shit you not!!

So I cannot

I simply cannot

Release the bass tracks

Without private links to download that

Somehow you can’t share or something

I’d be so fucking pissed

If ya’ll ended up

Pirating my gold

Bass is sacred, yo.

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