I’m Sick Of Getting Fatphobic Transition Advice

I don’t talk to cis people

Who tell me how to be a man, so–

Why would I listen to trans folk

On how to be a man?

I thought the whole plan

Was that I already knew

That I was one.

I thought I was enough of a man

Before testosterone.

Life limited me, not my brain

Not my biology, but social graces

That burdened instead of helping

Why would I want to go

To a trans guy group

Where everybody there

Gives me tips on how to “pass”

With the body god gave me herself?

Nobody knows I’m trans anymore

My life is on a fucking zoom call

It’s besides the point when you’re only ever

On video–

So again,

Why do I need to look

More like a cis man?

Do you tell that to every nonconforming

Cis boy with a shape that doesn’t fit

Your idea of what masculinity looks like?

Again, folks–

I’m sick of getting fatphobic transition advice.

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