“I’m Sorry You Feel That Way…”

I guess I don’t hate you,

I hate the way you made me feel.

I saw a Maya Angelou quote

“People might not remember you… blah blah…

But they will remember how you made them feel”

Boy, do I

I remember how you made me feel

And I don’t want to feel that way,

Nobody should !

They really oughtta lock you away.


I guess hating you is my way

Of making sure I don’t have to feel that way, anymore.

My defense, my mechanism

For making sure I don’t have to remember that

Or go there again.


I am trying to forget

The way you made me feel

It’s difficult. You have bested me

You scarred me and tarred me

And then, worst of all

You feathered me.


I’m sorry you feel

That you are entitled

To more than what you gave me.

I’m sorry that your damage hurt me,

But it’s not my job to apologize for you

And you don’t get any more mulligans

Mulligans are for amateurs

And you’re a professional now

Or So you say…


Oh, did that offend you?

I’m sorry you feel that way.

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