I’m sorry

Rough draft for a song I’m attempting to piece together (I just really fucking need an electric guitar AMIRITE. It’s always something, isn’t it? But really, I need a fucking guitar)

Here’s the deal

  • Here is a link to the rough draft of the instrumentals
  • these are the lyrics
  • I would love some feedback
  • or different lyrics
  • or lyrics for an entirely different song


I wrote this as a letter to my 14 year old self, who made ENTIRELY too many unachievable goals, and set completely insane expectations. Nothing has gone according to plan, and I need to tell her this somehow, so we can all move on and get past this shit. She is not going to take it well, so I’ve gone out of my way to make it easier. I’ve translated it entirely into bass guitar for her. My 14 year old self would’ve greatly appreciated speaking in b. guitar.

It is her first language, after all.

Thusly, I present:

I’m Sorry– rough draft

by Becky WTGH


I’m sorry

Sorry for all that I’ve done

I’m sorry,

wondering where I went wrong.


I’m sorry,

Sorry for what I’ve become.

So, sorry,

it was never supposed to  come undone.


I’m sorry!

I thought you might understand

So, sorry,

I did my best in the end.


I’m quitting.

You knew I would all along.

You’re betting,

I’ll be back before long.


We know that time goes on,

we’ve been living it so far.

Nothing changes, nothing leaves

our love stays whether we please

I feel your soul right next to mine.

When you’re with me, when you’re or not,

Say you love me, say you don’t,

I don’t mind.


I’m sorry,

sorry we ran out of time.

So sorry,

that it could never be mine.


I’m sorry

Sorry for what I’ve done instead.

So, sorry,

I did my best, in the end.



now there’s “two versions”

I put “two versions” in quotations, because there are never only two versions. For every version, there are 4-8 versions of that version.

Endless versions of versions, variations on variables.


2 Replies to “I’m sorry”

  1. The Whippoorwills

    F#@%&!g gorgeous! That’s my feedback. Sorry it’s not very constructive, but that’s how I feel.
    You speak in bass! I kind of knew it before, but it didn’t really hit me how clearly you do until now.

    • Becky WTGH

      yes, it’s quite literal.
      When I was younger I didn’t really speak much at all besides “yup” and “nope” and “sure”. have always had a lot of anxiety about using somebody else’s language. Technically brass is my first, but bass guitar was the first thing that let me speak somewhat fluently.

      brass instruments are hard lmfao

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