I’m Starting Over Again/With The Same Thing

What’s me and what’s my trans identity?

Had the worst year of my life lately, glad it’s 2023

Took me about three months to be glad though had to lose

Two jobs and a 9 year relationship and

Move house.

Been busy growing my own dick instead of little cactuses

Been feeling excited and ambitious instead of callous

I’m ready for love because I didn’t have it and

I never have, keep making the same mistakes

Over and over again with love. I’m prepared

To be alone forever simply because

I love it. genuinely

I am so contented I am able to masturbate

Whenever I want to without anybody being weird or sad or jealous

She was jealous of

Every single thing I am

Every single thing I did

— why did I fall for you

I gave it all for you–

So now I’m on a new mission

Keep the podcast going, keep my engine running

Keep chasing the dream I will manifest on my own

I think perhaps the next step is to actually start recording and

Set up the microphones. I just feel like

I’m starting over again but

As per usual I’m trying the same things just

Slightly differently.

As much as I can is all I can do.

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