“I’m Too Sensitive To Be A Man”

I’m too sensitive to be a man”

I say to myself over and over and over again

Not seeming to recognize

The humanity overflowing within me I am somehow

Required to castrate my feelings.

I’m too sensitive to be a man”

Then why is my dad always crying?

What about testicles makes you

Impervious to reality, I am

Really truly a person whose body

Has the hormonal make up of a man

I look like one

The lady at sams club ran away from me like

I was a quarterback or something

And yet

I’m too sensitive to be a man”

My masculinity tells me

That men can’t be sensitive

Maybe this is just a side effect of my

Misandry, alas

I am too sensitive to be a man”

Always seems to be getting in the way

Of my true feelings


I can’t listen to them, because

Listening to them

Would make me even more sensitive

On paper, at least

And I’m already

Too sensitive to be a man.

I tell you if this is

Anything close

To what the others feel like, no wonder

These men can’t listen to anyone else’s problems—

Sometimes I can’t even listen to my own.

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