“I’m Transgender”— “Oh, I’m Sorry Ma’am”

Hello health insurance

“Hello who am I speaking with ?”

*insert very traditionally masculine name”

“Oh, uhm, yes, uhhh”

I’m transgender, which might make

My name confusing when combined with my sex—

I still haven’t changed that.

“Thank you ms. *last name*

Why are you calling ?”

I need to refill my testosterone

“I understand, thank you ma’am—“

Actually— I don’t mean to be rude, but

Could you please call me sir, I’m transgender

I used to be a lady and now I’m not —

Just wanna make sure you’ve got the right

*first name* chart up.

*awkward silence*

Total absence of pronouns for the rest of the conversation and then

One final

“Thank you sir!”

At the end. Honestly I was just glad

For my sisters so I didn’t care too much

About any of it. But it is

Logistically an issue

That transgender means ma’am

To so many people.

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