Imagine If People Treated Sexuality The Way They Treat Trans/Detransition Stories… Oh Wait

Can you believe it…?

Becky was a lez and now she’s

Married with kids to some husdick!!!

She is detransitioning

From lezbunz to precumz

Quick!!! Get the camera!!!

Call New York Times!!!!

I can see the headline now–

Lesbian turned dick-loving housewife!

Oh wait, that’s not the site

I thought it was, I guess

People talk about this often

In pornos lmfao

Still– Ya’ll–

No point in pretending like

The tone is equal.

“But trans people have irreversible surgery!”

Yeah and some people have kids with people

They wish they didn’t. That stuff is also

Irreversible after a certain point…

Anyway– the tone

Of the detransitioners

Is sensational, and in my honest opinion–

Weird, unrealistic, and disturbing.

Same as all the weird pornos made

About turning lesbians into cock slaves

I find none of it very relevant, and

I wish there was more quality content

On how you can change your mind, and how

It doesn’t have anything to do with other people.

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