In Cunt I Trust

I don’t trust anyone

People are always telling me this is a problem.

I have done it a few times

And it never ended well

People blamed me for my misgivings.

People are cunts

You don’t have to have a cunt to be one

It seems like butts are also cunts

Like a package deal

If you have a butt, you are a cunt.

The logic is solid.

I feel like the next place a writer might go

In a poem like this

Is how I can’t seem to open up

Since all the world is cunt

Including me, of course !

But the thing about cunts

Is that if you’re nice to them

And you crack jokes

They open right up, sometimes even

Squirt all over the place.

I am no different

I am the same as all you cunts

I laugh, I cry, I piss, I squirt

And sometimes I’m a huge disgrace.

I don’t have problems opening up, however

I mean look at this fucking poem

It’s basically a cover letter

For a job

On being a massive, on display, bleeding hearted

Cunt! Born and raised

If I had a self image–

You know, besides just an empty space–

I’d picture myself as a cunt

Beautiful, soft, curiously spaced

Why is the clit there?

Why can’t it be on my face

Where my third eye should be

If I wasn’t such a proud participator

In heteronormative patriarchy

I’d put my cunt right on my face

Right where everybody can see

A cunt is a cunt, transparency is key

I trust in myself

More than anybody

With me, you get what you ask for

Nothing more, nothing less

I won’t give you a fake smile

I won’t wish you the best

I know I’m a cunt, I don’t pretend

I have no morals, traditionally at least

I live by a personal code

All of you have failed the test

You are all cunts,

Insisting otherwise is denial,


Patronizing and belittling

We all have buttholes

Buttholes are cunts

Technically speaking

Stop being a faker, bitch

We are all cunts,

Exemptions withholding.

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