In Search Of: Fat People Cult

I wanna join a fat people cult.

I wanna have

The enabling that some people think

Body positivity brings.

Please, for the love of god

Someone enable me.

I have no idea where

The dangerous radical self-acceptance cults are…

I hear there is one lady

Who now lives in New Zealand

Who writes about body positivity a lot…

Is the the movement? By herself…?

Possibly, anyway–

I don’t believe in body positivity–

Only body policing.

It’s like tone policing except

No one is free from it– not even white men!

This is why there needs to be

Some sort of alternative to society

Where we can freely practice our beliefs

That fat people eat healthily, that we

Go to the gym, that we exercise

That we “use our bodies” all the fucking time~~

We fuck in those bodies too, might I add!!

We hike and we work and we

Take the train, we get harassed

The whole fucking way.

This is why we need

Some sort of nation, cult, some sort of

Obesity community

Where we are free to continue

Working towards our health goals

Without the stigma and shame

Of fatphobic violence

The moment

Anything like this

Becomes available

I will probably just

Immediately start crying, and give

All of my life savings. Until then–

Enjoy these awful poems

That trigger you for saying things like

“Fat people already diet”

“Fat people already exercise”

“Fat people already know if they do or do not have

Diabetes”, and

Worst of all–

“Fat people are human beings”

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