INFJ Life Tho

I remember the first time I took the

Meyers Briggs test at school —

The teacher that assigned it to us did it as a class which I thought was

Kind of weird, maybe even rude ?

I took it and my results were

INFJ. Took it again, said

INFT. Took it again, said


My teacher said “you’re lying.”

“That’s the rarest kind. Hold on, let me see”

Looked up my name and score and said

“Oh okay then I guess you are — hmmm

Not sure what to do about that at all”

Took it years later said

INTJ. Took it again said


What I know is that it’s always

IN and usually T, J, or F.

Most popular take has been the INFJ and I don’t like to read into things like

Horoscopes or

Personality tests or

Mood rings of the sort but

I know that when I talk people are always

Surprised, frustrated or laughing.

I don’t know what their acronyms are and

I don’t care, I’m just existing.

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