Insight comes from within, right?

What is insight, really

is it an intuition of sorts?

Is it proof of purchase,

evidence of experience,

a guided groundedness?

Who has insight, and

who is a fool on a stool?

I heard a man proudly proclaim

that his father never passed 8th grade

and that he learned everything he knew

from this man,

who taught him to doubt everything “they told you”

what could possibly go wrong, listening to this man

and all of his insight

all of his wisdom

He has lived life, truer than most!

His insight keeps him alive, or is it something else,

something less worthy of a boast?

Is insight something we earn,

something we pay for,

or something we borrow?

Do we get to choose our insights, our views, our perspective

or is it something assigned, something imposed, something projected?

I ask, because I worry

You see, I have too many

I don’t know who to believe

Tom, Dick, Harry, or Sally.

Strong opinions, different approaches

All of their insights, piled high onto me

I wish I could tell them to stop,


tell them to leave me be.

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