Intersectional Feminism as Problematic

After meeting in person

Working with, studying with

Attempting to be friends with

A brazen, self-identifying

Intersectional feminist who

Has a framed picture of

Black Lives Matter as decoration in her house

With stocks and a 401k and a landscaper

She considers “family” (?)

Who treated me like a

Predator, a traitor, a monster

Who made a face every time I would talk about my dad

In a positive light

This intersectional feminist

Mostly seemed interested

In making distinctions between

Herself and everyone else, all to help

Point to her allyship as a reason

She is superior.

She now, six months later

Continues to stalk me on social media

Continues to harass me and

Belittle my life and my career

I don’t know which part

Of intersectionality

This is, but

I’m afraid to ever identify as one again

Lest people think

I’m a predator, a traitor, or

Whatever other sorts of crime

They reserve as “only for men”

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