Intersex People Are Cis/Can Be Cis If They So Choose— Cis People Need To Be Included In Trans Identity As Something Other Than A Problem

You’re born intersex

Ain’t nobody transition from

Cis to intersex.

Not how it works.

Saying intersex is a non-binary

Genderfluid, genderqueer identity

Is almost as reductive, appropriating and over corrective as

Chopping off their bits as children —

Something all of us should be against.

Why force intersex folk

Into trans identity

When they’re fucking born like that ?!

If they identify as intersex and they’re born intersex—

That means they’re cis.

At some point

The trans community is going to have to acknowledge

That cis

Isn’t an insult—

It’s a word

Gender studies came up with

To describe people who identify

With the gender and sex they were born as.

No wonder cis people

Find it offensive—

“We” are leaving them out

Of sex and gender


While simultaneously demanding

Rights, respect, and inclusion.

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