At the end of the day it’s like—

Who’s brainwashing who, here, folks

With what, how, when and why ?

Way I see it

I said

“I’m a boy” as loud and clear as I could

But I was told

“There there sweetie, no you aren’t—

Put your dress on now let’s go to church,

Act like the good little girl you are !”

Yeah fucking right y’all.

Maybe I had to sit there and watch as

My dad gained four hundred pounds while constantly being told

I was eating too much.

Maybe I sat there and marveled

At how someone gets to be

The fattest pig in the room and

Not a soul alive is allowed to mention it

Because it’s against the rules

The man of the house gets respect

No one else is entitled to, and somehow

The lgbtqai’s

Are brainwashing the youth.

If anything I was just

A normal kid who was

Brainwashed into conforming to

The closest thing I could want to be—

And yet I’ll never achieve

Simply because

That kind of ideology

Only exists for gatekeeping.

You know— the good ol family patriarchy

It’s sole purpose is to “keep order”

Makes me sad that so many queer people

Lost in the sea of hopelessness and trying to make sense of it

Gatekeep and ostracize and pick and choose

Who they want “representation wise”

It’s the exact same shit

That made me want to jump ship

Lately I’ve been seeing

A whole lot of crossover

Between queers who grow up in

Strict conservative culture and religion

And transgender identity, mixed with

Conservative ideology.

Maybe it’s just because it’s where I came from but

There has to be some crossover

Between homophobia present in your day to day life

And the desire to switch genders just to make things nice and tidy.

Maybe it’s just the reason I waited so long I didn’t want

Intolerance to be why I transitioned but

The intolerance was there all along.

To ignore it is to deny so many problems.

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