Irrational Confidence/All This Baggage

Irrational confidence. !

What a concept

These sales guys be like

“You gotta have it”

But like…

They say that about everything they talk about I mean

It’s hard to trust someone

Who’s job it is to persuade you

Lmfao I mean seriously, doesn’t just the word


Make your tongue feel extra slippery

Like the ground beneath your feet

Might be squeaking



The close


It’s like

I’m over here tryna go

From 0 to 60

And they’re all tryna go

From 60 to 69,666

Any amount of confidence feels irrational at the moment

But that’s the part I struggle with

The rational

I gotta have it. I gotta find a solution with

Balance, but

I’m having a hard time getting up

Off this ridiculously long see-saw with

All this baggage

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