Is Anyone Else Fine With Lizzo Being A Bitch…?

Totally fine with it.

Daily mail went from hating her

Selfies to hating her

Personality as soon as they caught wind.

Title I saw the other day read

Gut-busting allegations.

You tell me there is no entendre in that.

Here’s another

Narcissistic bully?

You mean like

Most all people in the performing arts world ?!

What do y’all people think is happening

Do you require Lizzo

To go to therapy

Before you listen to her songs at the gym?

Do you require Lizzo

To be a beacon of moral perfection

Paving the way for the

Exact right kind of self empowerment

Then let me ask

Do you require Lizzo

To submit to you

To lose weight

To confirm to all of the societal pressures

We all deal with

Or perhaps do you think it might require

A bit of a bully

A bit of narcissism

To get to the point

Where you can stand on a stage

And perform for thousands …?

You mean to tell me

Y’all only want a celebrity

Who is perfect in every single way

When the way they get there

Requires a whole lot of narcissistic bullying

No matter who you are.

The thing they are complaining about

Is that she won’t hate herself enough

Considering she has

Soooooo much to improve upon.

If you ask me

It’s just a reformed and updated version of

The fatphobia campaign against Lizzo

That’s been there since she started singing.

I hope they come out with news

That Lizzo routinely farts in peoples faces

And takes their hands

And hits themselves with it saying

“You’re hitting yourself! You’re hitting yourself!”

Because that’s the kind of childish

Insane sort of perspective

You have to have

In order to complain about a superstar being

Too self-obsessed

As for the workplace environment, folks

The arts are not an office.

People are toxic, people are narcissists

People are abusive and people never get over it.

It’s like this from when you’re a child

To when you’re fully grown and gigging.

Y’all out here blaming Lizzo for

All of the entertainment industries problems

Like she isn’t working under the same beast.

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