Is My Fat AFAB Body Triggering You?

To me, masculinity is big.

Big, strong, broad, loud,

Aggressive. There are many ways

That aggression can be expressed

Including all the non-violent ones

Like poetry lmfao, and also


I don’t understand what it is about

Trans people that for whatever reason

They don’t want to include anyone

That doesn’t fit into their picture

Of what the community is, and whatever they think

Will be respected by “cis people”

Whoever, and whatever the fuck those are.

Is my fat afab body somehow

Triggering you?

I thought so.

It’s time we acknowledge

A full spectrum of perspective–

Not everyone who’s trans is

A skinny vegan liberal, and that version

Of trans-identity

Is not more progressive

Than any other version of anything.

I still see Laurel Hubbard

As one of the most inspiring women in the community

However it is a far cry from progress

When you get to set so many records

And break so many barriers

By not even placing.

We need more Laurel Hubbard(s), we need

More trans bodies that don’t fit

The public’s idea

Of how trans people supposedly to want to be–

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