It Hurts To Lay Down

What you did hurt so bad

God it hurt me so bad

Like a knife straight through my heart

But the worst part

Was that I

Effortlessly, against my intent

Survived all of it. Each day passing,

I healed right over the knife

And kept on pressing

Now when I lay down and

Try to sleep it feels like

Someone is stabbing me, and i

Remember the blade so

Arrogantly shoved, neglected and left

Totally untouched until my heart

Grew twice as big to accommodate such

Terrible invasion, compensating for

Nonsense I still can’t comprehend

Wondering why I can’t just rip it out

And forget, knowing that even then

The scars would burble and pang

Even without the blade, I guess

Everyone who lays next to me at night

Will wonder if I’m okay, and I’ll have to explain

That it hurts to lay down

When your heart is broken

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