It’s Easy To Have Principles That Are Never Tested

It is.

For example

It’s one thing to suck a dick—

It’s a whole different experience

To imply to your dad that you enjoyed it enough

To identify as a gay man.

That’s what some people have to do

Nobody says —

“Dad— I’m gay, I love sucking cock. I love putting my cock in other men’s assholes. I like their chest hair and I love the sound they make when they cum”

People say—

“Dad, I’m gay, I’m the same person I always was”

But unfortunately

When you have to actually say it

You feel like

The first part is what they’ll hear

When you say the second.

This is why I feel that

Gay people are a bit more advanced than their

Cis hetero peers—

We have to say things that are hard to say

And make them palatable, and/or deal with the fallout

Most all of the most opinionated

Most “liberal”

Most “progressive” people on my socials

Are spoiled brat idiots who’s parents are liberal

Who’ve never had to deal with any sort of

Idealogical rejection, shame, or family denial

They haven’t had to have a violent interaction

Their principles haven’t been tested by fire

I’m not saying that fire is essential—

If anything

I started MAI as a sort of fire department of sorts

An internet resource— free to any and all that need it

Explaining how gay kids are not evil or broken

And how your desires are all normal and that

That weird shit your uncle says is wrong.

Not everybody needs it, I know

But at least I don’t sit

On a personal fucking account

And preach about how everyone I know

Is a bigoted idiot except for

Glorious, glorious me!! That’s what

They all need you to know—

Everyone else is a bigot and

Only they understand how to be a liberal

Don’t listen to that trans man over there —

It’s just a fucking “conservative asshole”


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