It’s Fashionable To Be Flat Chested

At what point

Can we all acknowledge the elephant in the room

That’s been looming thanks to

The ever increasing rise in fatphobia–

It’s fashionable to be flat chested.

Why are there so many

Young girls rushing to get top surgery

Identifying as nonbinary and seeking

To align themselves with their image of their body?

Maybe it’s because as a society

We’re done with big tits. It’s not in, it’s

Gaudy and gawkish to have big titties

It’s no longer a desirable trait

Breast reductions are also

Skyrocketing in popularity

All forms of chopping titty are in, and

Breast surgery is no longer about size, it’s about

Shape, symmetry, and firm perfection.

Also some of them are in it for back pain…? But

The statistics on that are undoubtedly wrong, the way

A lot of insurance works is that you have to ascribe a reason

For the procedure in order to get coverage, so

Claiming the surgery for back pain even if it’s not really

Is undoubtedly happening… anyway

Big tits are no longer “in”

And ya’ll are wondering

Why the “trans community”

Is “harming the children”


P.S. when I first started binding

My cis hetero female friend

Said she wanted to buy one

To wear with a cute summer dress

She wanted to look trimmer in

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