It’s Illegal To Be A Man In 2020

Nobody discriminates against dominant men.


Stop confusing your

Male dominance being

Rejected at dinner conversation for


The world is designed for you

To dominate, but

As with all things

You have to be a good top

In order for people to appreciate

Said dominance.

I love when men are like

“It’s illegal to be a man in 2020”

Cuz like LMFAO

It’s always been illegal to be a woman

You are always a burden

Now, I guess

Women are a burden for insisting on being believed

Insisting on rights

Insisting on equality

All while somehow still demanding rough sex!!

These feminists are crazy!!!

Nah, you’re just a fucking idiot

Nobody is discriminating against dominant men—

Just rapists

Rape is not sex, it’s just violence.

Violence is not the same as dominance

Dominance is something that is

Given to you freely, as a man. Your body

Creates its own dominance. If you choose to partake in it.

Nobody can take it away from you —

Unless you never had any to begin with

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