It’s Not Over But It’s Over/Relieved

I’m so glad

It was so hard to leave her. Why

Didn’t I leave someone I hate because

I tried to and I couldn’t. She wouldn’t let me leave her.

She selfishly needed someone else to dick her down before

She allowed me to leave her. I say allowed

Because it’s still according to her rules.

Everything is on her control

She manipulates me even still.

Once I get the last of my things

And my cat

I never have to see her again

Which is exactly why

She is doing everything she can

To make sure I don’t get

The last of my things

And my cat.

Because she knows after that

I’ll never see her ever again

And I’ll be glad for it.

That’s the only reason she still has my things

That’s the only reason she blocked me

Is to control me

Even now she watches and tries to

Control what I write in my poems.

She used to be sick to her stomach

From the jealousy of the poems.

Now that’s all she’ll ever get from me

Like I said, it’s not over yet

But it’s over

And I’ve never been so relieved.

Now I’d I could only do something

About the anger, hatred and resentment I feel

For having wasted so much of me on such an idiot bitch squirrel

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