It’s Totally Normal To Identify As A Healthy Lifestyle Blogger/I’m A Carrot-Chaser Too, Karen!

People literally introduce themselves with their diets in their profiles.

I’m over here, dieting and exercising chasing that carrot

And for whatever reason

I’m not allowed to identify as a healthy lifestyler

Because I’m not thin–

No matter what you do, no matter what you cook

No matter what you say and no matter how hard you sweat

You are not thin and you are guilty until proven thin enough.

Why is it again I’m not allowed

To identify as fat…?

Is it because I might not be fat

In the future, even though I will

Always have this perspective, always have these memories…?

What about being transient means

You have to shun where you came from, same problem in

The trans community.

Why do I identify as fat?

Why is this a

“Fat, trans podcast and blog”?

Because of perception, because of ya’ll

Because I want someone who knows these feels

To see somebody else out there, even if I come across

As a fucking miserable bastard.

At least I was honest, and at least

I don’t identify

As a fucking fake, a liar,

At least I’ve finally come out

As all the things I’ve been shamed for–

Isn’t that what coming out

Is all about? Overcoming

Perception of sin, perception of wrongness–

Aren’t we queer because of the ways in which

We don’t belong…?

Who can argue that fat doesn’t make your life

Non-compliant in the eyes of absolutely

Everyone, forever, regardless of what happens.

I’m a carrot-chaser too, Karen!

I just don’t have a body

You would ever want to identify with, or spend time near.

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