JK Rowling Doesn’t Give A Fuck About Fat Women/Feminism’s Caste System

Buck Angel hates fat people

Maria Fernandez doesn’t understand body positivity as something that

Isn’t about eating more.

These self-proclaimed

Feminist defenders

Who don’t give a single bit of a fuck about you

“If you don’t care about yourself”

I care a whole lot

Which is why I always try and point out

The bullshit

Whenever possible—

Which leads me to my main point—

Why are trans women,

A minority

Significantly more dangerous and threatening

To feminism

Than acknowledging the elephant in the room,

The fatphobia that women use as a

Caste system?

Why does JK Rowling only post pics of women

She sees herself in

In order to respect them?

What makes a woman, exactly?

Is it frail helplessness?

If you’re fat are you basically

A cis man?

Funny because nowadays

Where I am, being fat makes you

“Feminine” according to all the trans men with

Eating disorders they are so proud of…

Explain it to me please because

Every bit of proof just leads to

Fat shaming

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