JK Rowling Sees Herself As An Ally

Let that sink in

It’s true! She says it often in the treatise

She thinks herself to be an ally

Because by comparison—

She is!

She has got to be

(The richest) and

The most woke TERF they’ve ever had in their ranks

But to me

A trans person

I find everything she says

Eerily similar to all of what

Everyone else says!!

Everyone thinks they are an ally—

No matter what comes out of their mouth next!

What are we to do

With the epidemic of


How can you explain to a water spigot

That it spews when it opens it’s mouth?

It just does! It doesn’t think about it much

Everyone I know who has a social

Identifies as woke and liberal

And yet I know approximately zero

True allies who actually make me feel

Like I’m less alone in this garbage world

Where are the allies and

Why are they all just transphobes?

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