Judgement BAE

Sums up my experience being transgender and

Telling people I’m nonbinary and

Any of the things this blog is about.

Judgement, before anything else.

Now I can live my life mostly as if

Nobody knows that I’m trans but

The moment they find out, or start to suspect

The judgement starts to pool up in their face.

Perhaps its made worse by the weight but

When you tell someone you’re trans, depending

They might see you like someone who has

Too many tattoos, or perhaps is

In a religious cult, or perhaps

Watch too many liberal tiktoks and read too many


Eats 500 packs of oreos for lunch because

Clearly you don’t have common sense

To judge that decision properly… I mean

What’s the difference really…? Who cares about


You know, the stuff they say

When they’re trying to come up with a reason

Not to transition besides

Fear, judgement and loathing.

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