Karen Hates Becky, Becky Hates Karen.


And her many forms

Hates Becky.

Becky finds it generally overwhelming

To watch the internet roast Karen

Because Becky could’ve been a Karen himself…!

If it weren’t for the nonstop torments of the Karen’s

That made it clear to me as a little enby baby that

I could never ever be like her–

I’m just not entitled enough.

Karen scares me just as much as she scares ya’ll, probably twice as much honestly.

I’ve been tormented by rich, thin-privileged white people my whole life!

I’m a fat, butch and now trans redneck. It never mattered to them that I am white.

It only matters to them that I am less-than them

All people that fit into the category of

“less than” are people that Karen can call the cops on

I have been accused of things I’ve never done, but literally–

Only by Karens. Not usually by Toms.

What kind of entitlement goes along with Karen’s DNA?

Is it the same thing that makes her talk about her diet all the live-long-day?

Is it the same thing that makes her cheating, rapist son somehow above the law?

Is it the same thing that makes her husband earn twice as much? While working from home?

The general privilege is what bothers people, I think–

The ‘privilege’ of being a woman–Somehow undeserving of everything.

It wouldn’t matter if the Karen in question was a housewife

Or a lawyer, she will be deemed the same

Ungrateful lazy stupid housewife who’s riding on her husband’s name–

You know my husband!!!

Again, I am not defending Karen

I am Becky, not Karen.

I hate Karen the most. I hate hating, however.

Fortunately for me, everyone hates Karen professionally.

White women’s fear’s will always be the lowest hanging fruit

The easiest target, and the most accomplishable goal

The easiest battlefront for all of us to go stomp-on

Yeah!!! Fuck you Karen!!

Time’s up on your fucking blog about being a cunt!

Lmao now Becky will retreat

Into his karen-less den

And put all of his alarms on.

Nothing scares me more than a white woman walking up to me

Who’s smiling too much.

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