King Of The Idiots/Beats Me

Every queer and trans person on the internet

“I’m not like the others, I have a unique perspective–“

Proceeds to list the approved agendas–

If you dare deviate from them you are

Kicked out with more vengeance than

Sunday school and now you’ve got

Nowhere to go but reddit, where they

Kindly explain to you

All of the worst things you could be, instead

Of yourself, instead of being

Considerate, instead of being reasonable,

Instead of being responsible and reliable and

If you start to see the mirage you get called

A detransitioner– I would personally rather

Be hated by every queer person in the world

Than I would rather be a clone of them,

All of the worst most idiotic things about

Projecting any sort of identity leads you to be too self-aware

To safely exist, and

I honestly feel like a schmuck most days,

Like I fell for some scam, and then I remember–

That’s just what everything feels like

When you live in America, and

The only thing that matters is

The ratio of USD you have

To grains of sand in your hourglass,

I don’t think it’s worth trying to be

A king of idiots, but I definitely don’t want to be

Queen, so I guess I’ve gotta work towards

Something, at least. Beats me.

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